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Welcome!  Chances are you’ve landed on this page because you are interested in getting started with affiliate marketing. Or perhaps you are just interested in Wealthy Affiliate and want to know more about how this system can benefit you. Let’s start by taking a look at what affiliate marketing is, and how it can work for in your favor.

Affiliate marketing is about relationships between three parties. Advertisers, publishers and consumers.

  • Advertisers – The advertiser would be a person or company selling their goods online. They want to get their business out into the world so that potential clients can see what they are offering, and hopefully decide to make a purchase. So they will pay to have their services shown on high ranking or high traffic places. Hopefully converting their advertisements into sales.
  • Publishers – A publisher is a company or person that promotes the advertisements for other companies or people. Usually this is done in exchange for a commission of whatever sales are made because of specific ads (such as links, ads or banners) which cause conversions into sales.
  • Consumers – Consumers are the ones that see the advertisements, click on the ads and then decide to purchase whatever the advertisers are selling. The more consumers buy, the happier everyone is. The advertiser gets their product sold. The publisher gets a commission of that sale. And the consumer gets the product that they were looking for. It’s a win/win/win process for everyone involved.

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    So where does Wealthy Affiliate fit into this category?
    Wealthy Affiliate is designed specifically for both, those who are new to affiliate marketing and those who already have experience and are looking to generate the most wealth possible from the process of marketing others goods and services online.

    Are you looking to:
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    • Avoid some of the most common beginner mistakes
    • Then read further and see how Wealthy Affiliate can help you generate serious wealth with the least amount of effort

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