The Best Social Media Tools for 2017 last year I tested many social media programs to see which ones worked best for traffic. I stayed with Twitter, Facebook and Google+ most of the time.

This year I plan to use Instagram a lot more while continuing to use Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

My comparison’s for the three are basically the same amount of traffic from each one.  Google+ does give you an advantage though, because it will help you get ranked faster if you post your blog directly.

For my niche none of the traffic obtained was very good in returning a profit.  Lot of likes do not help as much as lots of shares.

I will work harder this year to get more shares and possibly more sales. Instagram appears to be moving up in the ranks of popularity and so far it has been a very easy program to use.

Like most social media platforms it is imperative you get followers that are interested in what you have to offer. Keep content new on your blog and continue to blast it as often as possible to all social media programs.

Or do like me and perfect one social media platform while experimenting with other platforms.

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