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Remember at the first of the year 2017 I said I was going to see how well instagram worked for free traffic?  Well here it is November 2017 and I think I have enough information to be able to enlighten you on the ends and outs of Instagram for your business.

In the beginning instagram was a little slow until I got the hang of things.
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My goal for my easyfurbabies page, was to reach 10,000 followers by the end of the year.  I am at 8923, so I feel sure I will reach that goal by the last day of the year.  This in itself is a great accomplishment!  The reason to even reach that many followers is to help you get more discovered throughout instagram.  You will have more people wanting to interact with you and your page.  Big companies will be more likely to approach you to work for them through your instagram site.   You can begin to charge for shout-outs, and other things with at least 10,000 followers.

Now my goal for my
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tools4yoursuccess instagram page was to advertise my affiliate programs and get sign-ups.  I have way less followers on this page and I have worked it the same as I did the easyfurbabies page.  This tells me it is easier to get the attention of animal lovers than it is to get the attention of people needing or wanting success.  I also think my passion is stronger in the animal department!  No matter which page I worked, I got results, but like anything else it is work!  I continue to work both pages because now they are just a part of my normal work day.

Would I recommend using instagram as part of your social media arsenal?  You Bet! Just remember like everything we do for our business it takes time, patience, and lots of hours to get things popping.  It is all worth it in the end when you get all your social media lined up and just have to work them a few a minutes a day.  Free traffic is great and I have found in instagram I do get sign-ups! So, go set up your instagram page and follow me and  You will be glad you did when the traffic starts coming in daily.

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  1. You have great results on Instagram and a lot of followers. How many did you have at the start of the year? Also I have been told about buying followers. Apparently a lot of people do this. Did you do this to help get your Instagram noticed in the beginning?

    1. Thank you Karen. To answer your questions, I opened my Instagram accounts in January 2017, had no idea what I was doing, so had to do a lot of research and copying others. I started with one friend on my easyfurbabies and zero on my tools4yoursuccess. I have never bought any sign-ups, I worked my little heart out on these accounts to see if it was worth my time to use for traffic. It does take a lot of liking, commenting and following others. The best part though is instagram is so much fun and very addictive! It is well worth your time to work your page for followers and interactions. I put on a few shout outs for free, I also participated in all kinds of things people were offering. It was work but the fun kind. I will keep Instagram as a free Traffic source forever.

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