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What’s the Law of Attraction and Why Should You Care?law-of-attraction

The Law of Attraction states that which is like unto itself, is drawn.

When you say, “Birds of a feather flock together,” you are actually talking about the Law of Attraction.  When you see that people who are always talking about illness and sickness are often sick, you’re actually seeing the Law of Attraction. When you’re thinking about someone and they call or email you — you’re experiencing the Law of Attraction.

As human beings, we are highly electrically charged biological entities and the thoughts we think emit from us into our immediate environment and through the Law of Attraction, start attracting similar thoughts, people, opportunities and experiences right back to us like a beacon.

In the same way that you can’t escape the Law of Gravity — you can’t escape the Law of Attraction. So you might as well use it to your advantage.

Two Laws

There are two types of laws in the universe:

1. Man made laws, and

2. Natural Laws

If you violate man made laws, you may or may not get caught. If you violate Natural Laws, you will always get caught, there is no exception. Natural Laws can be divided into two categories:

1. Physical

2. Mental

Physical laws can be proven by experiment.

Mental laws can only be proven by experience and intuition and by demonstrating their effectiveness in your life.

Mental laws are like physical laws in that they are also enforced 100% of the time. Mental laws, although their physical effects cannot be seen so easily all of the time, such as gravity everywhere in the world, also work 100% of the time.

Whenever your life is going great, it usually means that your thoughts and activities are aligned and in harmony with these invisible mental laws. Whenever you are having problems in your life, it is almost always because you have violated one or more of these mental laws, whether you know about them or not.

You can always tell if you have violated mental laws by the results you get, either positive or negative.

Law of Attraction

One of these mental laws is the “Law of Attraction”. You are a living magnet and inevitably attract into your life, people, and situations in harmony with your dominant thoughts. Your entire world is of your own making. The more emotion you apply to a thought, the more rapidly you attract people or situations in harmony with that thought into your life.

The book, The Secret, has been around for quite a long time and has changed millions of lives across the world. If you have read The Secret, you know that “the secret” is just another word for the Law Of Attraction. A Very powerful law that allows everyone to be, do or have anything they want.

The Law of Attraction is neutral. It can help you or hinder you. Sometimes it is considered a subset of the Law of Cause and Effect. Sow a thought and you reap an act. Sow and act and you reap a habit. Reap a habit and you sow a character. Sow a character and you reap a destiny.

You can change the person you are. You can change your dominant thoughts by exercising rigorous self-discipline and self-control and by keeping your thoughts on what you do want, and off of what you do not want.

The universe consists of positive as well as negative energies that surround each and every individual living on the Earth. By thinking positively, an individual himself or herself puts the positive energy on the task. At the same time, a negative thought can provoke the negative energy in the universe. So, the conclusion is that whatever an individual wishes in his or her life, the universe immediately starts working in that direction.

Consider the following example. An individual makes a wish that he or she wants to buy a new home. As soon as this wish is made, the forces of the universe start building the favorable environment to get the wish granted. However, at the second thought, the individual thinks that he or she might not be able to afford it. This instantaneously reverses the gear and bridges the gap between the individual and his wish. So, the rules of attraction immediately fail and the reason lies in the thought process of the individual.

Most of the time, you will find experts that criticize the attraction law as nothing more than hype. However, there are some experts who can establish the essence of this law in improving ones’ life.

Most people, sometime in their life, come to the realization that there is something missing. That there must be something more to life that the life they are living today. Well, the truth is, they are missing something and that is the ability to attain whatever they want in life, no matter what it is. The attainment of that success can be accomplished through the secret Law of Attraction.

We hear a lot of people saying that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work. They say they tried it and nothing happened. Using the Law of Attraction sounds so simple in theory, but when it comes to practicing it, it’s not always as straight forward as some might hope. Why then does it seem to work for some people and not for others? The truth is, it’s working all the time, for everyone, but some people are more adept at pulling in the desired results by focusing on the key areas to ensure this law is working for them and not against them. That is why Eric Tall discovered Thought Elevators.  To help you pull in the desired results without having to go into hours of meditation.

What is the Thought Elevators Program?   Thoughtelevators

The Thought Elevators Program is a self-improvement program that allows you to find out about how you can increase your creativity and keep searching the success. The course discloses the mystery key to achievement that falls into place without a hitch for individuals like Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Richard Branson and shows how we can use this in our life and it’s all supported by neuroscience research from Stanford University¹.

There is no special preparation needed and the program is usable for everyone. It contains tips on improving confidence, way of thinking, creating ideas and gaining motivation to bring your goals to life with the help of positive thinking. You will find out the techniques that are created to show you how you can embrace the happiness of your life. The program is designed to assist in revealing what a wonderful person you are.

Thought Elevator System


There are lots of online programs, articles, books and seminars on Law of Attraction but the problem is most of them are based on centuries old concepts or there is a lack of teaching you how to actually make it work.
I have read about 10 books on The Law of Attraction, creating positive thinking, removing negative thoughts, prosperity, and abundance. I feel I am more experienced with all the core principles and having a good idea about exactly what to desire, feel and visualize. I can now easily separate good quality products from copy paste work that are created just to make few bucks.
One of the best things I have discovered is The Thought Elevator System. In this review I am going to reveal what’s inside this product and how it can change your life.
Thought Elevators is a self-improvement and step-by-step program created by Eric Taller for everyone who wants to transform their negative thoughts into positive thinking. This program contains a 34 page guide along with 9 videos, 10 audios and five bonuses. In this program you will get instructions on how to unlock your highest potential to become successful in your life.
One of the best features of this program is the author of Thought Elevators doesn’t only focus on wealth and financial areas. You can customize this program in any area of your life where you feel negative thoughts are affecting your life.
Inside this program you will discover guidelines about how to transform your inner-self by using Theta State(Theta brainwaves correspond to a state of mind associated with dreams and waking dreams, as well as a deep meditative state.Theta brainwaves are slower than the Beta and Alpha activity we normally have in daily life. They vibrate at between 4 and 8 cycles per second. Theta states are normally responsible for those “Eureka!” moments of well known inventors and scientists. They are highly creative states. In a Theta state, you tap into the creative and intuitive resources of your mind. When you can consciously control this state of mind, then problem solving and tapping into your intuition becomes much easier. Goal achievement also becomes a much easier and more efficient process.) that will help you to become wealthier, happier and successful.
How Does Thought Elevators Work?
The guidelines and instructions inside this program will help you in changing your attitude towards money that will lead to success in your career. You will also discover guidelines about how to change your dialogues with your family members so they will appreciate you even more. Additionally you will  find out how to get out of heartbreak to find your true soulmate. You can achieve your dreams and successes with the help of just four steps.
These are:
Step 1 – Clearing Your Mind: The first step that you have to complete is clear your mind from all worries and stress. Eric Taller shared some guidelines about how to remove all stress, worries and depression from your mind so your brain will only get positive thoughts.
Step 2 – Priming The Positivity Pump: In this step you will get a simple ‘positivity pump’ technique that will make your brain think positive only. After applying this technique people around you will start noticing change in your personality but these changes will come gradually.
Step 3 – Daytime Dreaming Visualization Technique: Inside this step Eric Taller will provide you with instructions on how to visualize new ideas for achieving your goals. After this step you will find it much easier to accomplish your goals. It doesn’t matter what the goals are, they can be a better job, a better relationship, a bigger bank account, a cure for an illness, etc.
Step 4 – Elevation of Theta State: A great technique showing you how to provide relaxation to your deeper mind until you reach the Theta State. The Theta State will help you become healthier, wealthier and more successful.
Once you achieve all these steps you will feel fresh energy with improve stamina.
If you need a hand with anything that I have discussed here, please leave a comment below or you can get in touch with me inside of Wealthy Affiliate via my profile.



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