How to Get More Website Traffic and Free

More website trafficGetting traffic is one of the most important tasks for any web master.  You can’t get traffic once and then just reap the benefits. Getting traffic is an ongoing task and you must be constantly doing it, if you want to get traffic and keep it.

There are so many ways to get free website traffic today. Everybody and their brother is offering free traffic. Getting free traffic does not mean you do not have to work for it, as a matter-of-fact you actually have to work harder to obtain the legitimate free traffic offered today.


The First Place to Look:

The first place to always look for good, honest, free traffic is within your social media networks. There are lots of them out there, not just Facebook. A few being TSU, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Tumblr , etc. You should join these groups, become active, get followers, and post your advertisements at least once a week to each network. In Facebook, G+, LinkedIn, and many others you can join some groups that pertain to your subject (niche), comment on other people’s post and work your website in your signature, and post your ads to these groups daily.  This worked for me for months, until I could generate income to start a small advertising budget. All of this is FREE advertising! The only thing thing you are giving up is your time.

The Next Place to Look:

The next place to turn to is safe lists or email exchanges.  Once again there are literally thousands upon thousands of these type sites. You couldn’t join them all and still be able to use them effectively. Once you join one, you need to take the time to actually read the ads, because you will be offered a LOT of free traffic by joining their safe lists.  You must be able to read through these ads and see if one of them does exactly what you need.  Do your do-diligence and check out reviews about these sites. Some are really,really good and do exactly like they say they do.  Look at the history of the site, how long has that person been doing these sites and how old is the one you are looking at right now?  Just remember if you join way too many you will get burned out quicker.  I recommend you join the one I have listed first, from there you will receive many more offers.  I’m suggesting this site, because it works and the owner has been doing this same type business for 18 years.  Her site always get me referrals.  Do not think you send your ad once or twice and “BAM!” You have loads of referrals.  It just doesn’t work like that out here in the real internet world.  Be patient, work enough to send your same ad every day for at least one month.  You will slowly start getting referrals maybe one or two a day, then before you know it you are getting 5-10 referrals a day.  I know from experience you will want to add more and more exchanges so you can get 1-2 or 5-10 referrals a day per site, but trust me it doesn’t work like that either!  You will burn yourself out trying to look at enough ads per day per site just to post your ad daily that you will quit.  Use one great site and use it until it is used up!  Which in my experience will be never, because there are new members joining daily and your ad is being seen by every member daily.  One more thing I figured out over the past 15 years with these sites it is best to wait until you can send your ad to all members not just a few.  If you can’t get enough credits then you would need to wait until you get enough credits to send to all members.  If you actually work the site and stay focused you can get enough credits to send an ad a day.  So, with my experience I will be glad to share with you today what works for me.

Currently Working:

Currently for 2016 10 Buck Blast is doing great getting sign-ups for my programs. You can join lots of these safe lists, click for credits, then submit your ad using your credits. This works very well with most of the safe list out there. There is really no true way of knowing which one is better other than joining them and using them in test to see which ones actually get you sign-ups.


Future Expectations:

As the year progresses I will list more ways to get more web site traffic and free for you. Bookmark this page and keep an eye out for more ways to advertise in 2016.

To Your 2016 Success,


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